Outdoor Insurance Group - Winter is Here - How To Protect Your Campground!

06 Jan 2015 2:14 PM | KOA Owners Association (Administrator)

As winter approaches and camping season draws to a close in many areas, it is important to remember winter weather property protection.  Cold temperatures can cause pipes to burst resulting in major damage to buildings, contents, and equipment.  Snow and ice buildup can wreak havoc by placing additional loads on roofs and support bearing members.  However, there are simple steps that can be taken to help prevent any winter weather issues. 

Pipe Protection Tips

-          Perform freeze protection inspections and be aware of shutoff procedures

-          Building temperatures should be maintained at 55 degrees F or higher. 

-          Boilers, furnaces, heaters, and flues should be serviced regularly

-          If buildings are winterized, make sure that the plumbing system is completely drained.  

-          Install water alarms to detect any issues. 

-          If your building has a sprinkler system, extra attention should be paid to sprinkler system to make sure that all areas with pipes maintain an adequate temperature and that they are checked regularly 

-          Have someone check the buildings regularly to ensure that the heat is working and no issues have arisen. 

Roof Protection Tips

Roofs collapse mainly due to weather patterns that produce a cycle of rapid freezing and thawing events.  This cycle produces heavy buildup of snow/ice that places excess stress on the roof. 

-          Maintain all roofs and keep current on repairs.  Winter weather will exacerbate any roof issues.

-          Arrange to have roofs cleared if snow drifts are visible.  This is especially important on flat or low pitched roofs.  This is a dangerous task so hire a competent contractor. 

-          Keep drainage pipes & gutters clear of debris to allow water to flow off the roof and prevent ice dams. 

A few extra steps can make a huge difference when it comes to preparing your property for winter.  Most importantly though, make sure to have an action plan in case the worst happens and know who to contact to report a claim.  Have a happy and safe winter. 

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