20 Feb 2014 2:16 PM | KOA Owners Association (Administrator)

Report Your Claims in a Timely Matter

In case of an emergency in your campground, knowing what to do and when can prevent a minor aggravation from becoming a major financial and legal nightmare.

There are three major areas of concern:

  1. Damage to your property,
  2. Bodily injury, minor or serious;
  3. Damage to the property of others.

It is essential that you report the situation immediately, don’t wait and above all keep a folder for all of the paperwork on that situation. Make any temporary repairs if necessary to prevent further damage, but the replacement of major items cannot be done until after the insurance adjusters have had a look.

If they can’t see the damage they may be reluctant to pay you for the damage. And some damages don’t show up until well after the fact. This is why you need to keep an incident folder for the repair, replacement and service call bills that detail the reason for them.

Obviously, if serious bodily injury is involved, take care of the injury first, but let your agent know as soon as possible. Be sure and show concern and that you are genuinely sorry for what happened with those minor injuries, such as scratches and scrapes. By showing that you care a lot you may keep the injured person from filing a lawsuit later.
And don’t forget to do a follow up call to check up on the injured person all the while expressing your personal concern for their personal pain. BUT DO NOT ADMIT GUILT and don’t PAY ANYTHING.

In the event that the injury looks serious or is serious, be sure and obtain help from any medical personnel you may have camping on site and call 911 if necessary. Only administer life-sustaining first aid, nothing more.

As soon as possible get photos and or a detailed description of the conditions surrounding the accident, the personal information on the victim and witness statements. Then call your insurance company.

If a campers property is damaged, don’t admit guilt or pay anything but give them a lot of TLC and call your insurance company as soon as possible

When or if there is damage to your property, try to leave it as is for the insurance adjuster to see. If it’s sensible, put up a tarp or make a TEMPORAY repair if the rain is pouring into your office or kabin and there is danger of doing more damage. But don’t put on the new roof until the adjuster sees and appraises it.

Be sure to take photos as soon as possible after the damage occurred, especially if you need to do any temporary repairs.

Reporting incidents to your insurance company in a timely manner is the key for quick and accurate settlement.

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