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  • 07 May 2017 10:53 AM | KOA Owners Association (Administrator)

    Webinar Examines ‘Summertime in the Workplace’

    May 5, 2017 by RVBusiness

    KPA, in conjunction with the Mike Molino RV Learning Center, will host a webinar May 10 from 10 a.m. to noon on how to manage schedules for summer vacations, pay seasonal workers, implement dress codes for hot weather, and prevent heat illness for outdoor workers. Register:

    According to a press release, the session will be led by KPA Director of Environmental Health and Safety Product Peter Zaidel and Kathryn Carlson, of HR management products. Practical guidance and effective tools will be provided so that summertime is safe and productive for businesses.

    Zaidel manages KPA’s EHS product line including new onsite services and myKPAonline development. He monitors EPA, DOT and OSHA regulation changes and heads up KPA’s training content development. Peter holds a bachelor’s in environmental resource management and environmental engineering from Penn State University.

    Carlson has over 25 years of human resource management experience and is a certified HR professional. For the past 13 years she has focused on developing HR software and programs to improve efficiency, reduce risk, and ensure compliance for companies ranging from small businesses to international corporations.

    RVDA, the National RV Dealers Association, is the national association representing RV retailers. The association’s members include RV dealers, RV rental operators, and RV aftermarket sales and service locations. For more information, visit

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    More Than 100 Outdoor Recreation Executives Sign Letter Urging The Administration to Keep the "Great" In Great Outdoors

    Washington, D.C. (May 3, 2017)- In an open letter published in the Wall Street Journal, executives from more than 100 outdoor recreation industry companies praised the agenda being set by Department of the Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke during the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency. These leading executives represent many segments of the $887 billion outdoor recreation industry including the shooting, hunting, archery, camping, fishing, marine, motorcycle, powersports, hospitality and recreation vehicle sectors.

    In the letter, the industry expresses enthusiasm about Secretary Zinke, a strong supporter of outdoor recreation. Since his confirmation, Secretary Zinke has been working closely with the Outdoor Recreation Industry Roundtable (ORIR) to increase access to recreational opportunities and enjoyment on all federal lands and waters. In addition to increasing access, ORIR is working with the Administration to establish public-private partnerships as an entrepreneurial mechanism for addressing part of the $20 billion in deferred maintenance and to achieve a better balance in decisions involving recreation and conservation.

    “The recreation industry believes that we are an important positive force in American lifestyles and the nation’s economy. We appreciate the Administration’s, and particularly Secretary Zinke’s, agreement and discussions underway to expand access to and enjoyment of our public lands and waters, covering nearly one-third of the nation’s surface. Our interest includes iconic national parks but also close-to-home areas now often ignored and with great potential,” said Derrick Crandall, one of the signers of the letter and President of the American Recreation Coalition.

    Many in the outdoor recreation industry are encouraged by the president’s willingness to tackle America’s long-term infrastructure challenges and his promise of a trillion dollar infrastructure initiative that will increase access to the nation’s recreation lands through better bridges, roads, waterways, and restored infrastructure within our nation’s parks.

    Read the letter here.


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    CONTACT: Shannon Brower



    Verona, WI, (April, 2017) – Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS) is expanding its capabilities with the addition of Jon Wills. Jon joined the CRS team as a Regional Construction & Service Manager and will be an essential component in expanding the services offered through CRS. Jon started his new role on Monday, April 3rd and is already proving to be a key resource for our aquatic and land-based recreation projects.

    With over 15 years of construction experience, Jon comes to CRS with the knowledge and expertise to help CRS continue to provide full service recreation solutions. Throughout his career, Jon has had the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of construction projects within commercial and residential markets and has an extensive track record of successful projects. With his project management expertise, Jon will be available to provide services to both public and private sector clients on Splashpads, lightning detection service, playgrounds and site amenities projects.

    “I am eager to expand our service capabilities with the addition of Jon and I know he will be an integral part of our team as we continue to widen our scope.” Said CRS President Ron Romens. “With Jon’s construction experience and skill set there will be extensive benefits to our clients and their overall satisfaction as CRS continues to expand our service offering.”

    About Commercial Recreation Specialists

    CRS is headquartered in Verona, Wis., with representatives in New Jersey and Minnesota. It serves customers throughout the United States and the Caribbean. With over 40 years of combined industry experience, CRS not only supplies the highest quality equipment, it also offers design, planning, installation and operations services. It provides careful analysis of each client’s facility and business goals in order to achieve the best recreation solution possible. CRS delivers unparalleled industry knowledge and proven success in the commercial recreation market with clients including municipalities, schools, YMCAs, athletic facilities, sports venues, amusement parks, family entertainment centers, campgrounds, resorts, summer camps, zoos and other recreation venues. For more information, you may contact the CRS corporate office at (608) 848-8781 or visit us online at

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    Jamestown Advanced Products Celebrates 30 Years of Business
    Family-Owned Company Continues To Grow and Thrive

    JAMESTOWN, NY – Ask many of the employees of Jamestown Advanced Products why the business has made it to celebrate 30 years, and they will give the same response: The ownership team.

    Owned by Wendi and Lee Lodestro, Jamestown Advanced Products is a New York State-Certified Woman-Owned Small Business specializing in sheet metal fabrication.

    The company was started in 1987 by Jon Wehrenberg, Wendi Lodestro’s father, to fulfill metal fabrication needs. He began the business with one customer from Erie, Pennsylvania. In 1989, Wendi Lodestro joined Wehrenberg, signing on as the company’s general manager. Two years later, Lee Lodestro also joined Jamestown Advanced, as the engineering manager.

    A few short years later, Wehrenberg and his wife were camping when he saw the potential for Jamestown Advanced Products to grow in the form of campground equipment. In 1994, the company began a campground line with a single charcoal grill and campfire ring. Wehrenberg’s idea took off, and today the company manufactures thousands of park, recreational and campground products, including a variety of grills, campfire rings, picnic tables, RV power outlets, benches, trash receptacles, dog agility equipment and more.

    When it came time for Wehrenberg to retire, the Lodestros had to make a tough decision.  “My father gave us a couple of options that Lee and I weighed,” Wendi Lodestro said. Wehrenberg offered to sell Jamestown Advanced outright and give a portion of the sale to the Lodestros to begin their own business venture, or to sell the entire existing company to the pair.  “It was a very difficult and life-changing decision,” Wendi Lodestro said. “Our son, Josh, to this day states the reason he is very business-savvy is due to every night sitting at the dining table and discussing business.”

    The Lodestros made their decision, and purchased the company in December 1999. At the time, Jamestown Advanced had around 40 employees compared to more than 100 today, and one-third of the sales it is currently recording.  The changes the company has undergone in its 30 year history go beyond the numbers. Chris Roll, current project manager, was one of the business’ first six employees when it began in 1987.

    Reminiscing on his career with Jamestown Advanced, Roll remembers two previous venues the business operated out of before settling at its current location. Additionally, Roll said the business has grown from starting out to meet fabrication needs, to adding powder coating and assembly lines.  “We have tried to become a one-stop shop for our customers,” Roll said. “If they need something fabricated, we try to provide it. Pick up the phone, and we’ll build it.”

    Dennis Button, who has worked for Jamestown Advanced Products since 2002, and Bonnie Ring, who has been with the company since 1997, also identified new products coming through the factory over the years, as well as additions of new equipment. Wayne Carroll, who began working for Jamestown Advanced as a welder in 1994, said there has been an extreme increase in the amount of products moving through the factory as the company continues to grow.

    Engineering Manager Jeff Green has been with Jamestown Advanced since 2010, when he began working on the paint line in the factory as a summer job. His choice to stay, though, boils down to ownership.  “I decided to come back after college because of the appreciation and recognition that the owners have shown me over the years for all of the hard work I’ve done,” Green said.  Green is not the only one with this sentiment. Ray McKotch, purchasing manager, began working at the company in 2002 as a turret operator in the factory, before moving to sales and then his current position.  “Wendi and Lee are very generous, caring people,” McKotch said. “They gave me a job when I needed one, and when it wasn’t the right fit for me, they offered me the sales position. They care about their employees, providing opportunities for them to grow, expand and succeed with the company. It’s a family business, and they make you feel like you’re part of the family.”  The feeling, though, is mutual.  “Our employees have been instrumental in Jamestown Advanced success,” Wendi Lodestro said. “Not one day goes by that I do not appreciate each and every one of them.”

    Looking to the next 30 years, Wendi Lodestro said she is looking forward to Jamestown Advanced Products’ continued growth and success.  “That would be a great legacy for my parents, as well as Lee and I,” she said.  Her employees are on board. “Tell me where we’re going in the future, and I’ll go,” Roll said.

    Additional information about Jamestown Advanced Products can be found online at

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    AGS Logo

    The Adventure Alert

    April 2017

    There’s still time to plan for the upcoming season hot weather with SplashGolf…cool down with an interactive water environment; or plan your traditional miniature golf for this season…the timeless game for all ages. 


    What is your business doing to attract and retain guests, or enhance your business or venue?

    If you are looking for innovative ideas AGS can help.  Contact us today to explore how you can enhance your existing or future project

    Recent Project

    Tropical Breeze Fun Park, Cape Coral, FL

    The Business of Mini Golf

    Creating More Profit with a Miniature Golf Renovation 

    Part III

    Continued from our March Adventure Alert...

    What Capital Investment Can I Afford?

    “How much will this cost?” is the first question, each Owner asks.
    “How much of an increase in your profit, do you wish to achieve?” is our company response.

    The bottom line is that to increase sales and profit the owner needs to determine what must be done and what could be done with the course and budget accordingly. 
    Operating costs vary for a variety of reasons:  

    • Some owners have a large salary and others have none
    • Some courses have a utility vehicle in the overhead
    • Some courses have the ball and putter distribution done by another sales desk unrelated to miniature golf
    • Some owners place a premium on having excellent maintenance which costs more.

    Variables & Sensitivity
    Any miniature golf operator should be aware that there are variables that will impact the plan including

    • Weather
    • Higher operating costs
    • Lower than expected attendance

    The knowledge that these variables may occur will help the owner provide a hedge on his or her bet.  The owner might make several financial analyses to show low, medium and high potential sales levels.  Then, use the highest potential operating costs against each sale’s forecast.  This Sensitivity Analysis enables the owner to adjust sales and operating costs that he or she believes are probable and then compute the potential capital investment to be made.

    Starting the Renovation Process

    Now if you are ready to consider a renovation or would like additional information on how doing so can help to expedite sales and increase your bottom line, please go to the AGS Contact Form at and fill out the information and email to our company.  Or call us at 231-922-8166.   

    In The News

    Education Through Mini Golf

    In a series of articles about the scientific applications of miniature golf, the second article  discusses two different ways Mini Golf was used as a learning tool.  

    First, children participated in a two week robotics program where the goal was to design robots that could play miniature golf. 

    In another application, students at Salem State University designed a course with the goal of creating healthy conversations about current events. Each hole represents a political issue and offers an opportunity for the student designers as well as the people who play the course to think about what the topics mean to them and to consider other perspectives on those issues.

    SplashGolf™ - The New WOW Factor

    Taking the players and the game itself into an interactive water environment...

    Adventure Golf Services | 888-725-4FUN or 231-922-8166 |

    Offices in Chicago, IL | Traverse City, MI

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    If you would like a copy of the Board Meeting Minutes from the 2017 February Meeting, please email us at and we will email you a copy!

  • 08 Feb 2017 1:53 PM | KOA Owners Association (Administrator)

    Grilled Waffle Treats


    8 frozen waffles

    1 cup miniature marshmallows

    1 cup semisweet chocolate chips


    1. Place one waffle on a greased double thickness of heavy-duty foil (about 12 in. square). Sprinkle with 1/4 cup each marshmallows and chocolate chips; top with another waffle. Fold foil around sandwich and seal tightly. Repeat three times.

    2. Grill, covered, over medium heat for 8-10 minutes or until chocolate is melted, turning once. Open foil carefully to allow steam to escape. Yield: 4 servings.

  • 08 Feb 2017 1:45 PM | KOA Owners Association (Administrator)


    RV Kid activities and fun campfire games for your next Iowa RV road trip

    If you’ve ever traveled with wee ones, you know that it can be difficult to keep them from driving each other (or you) up the wall. Spending an evening around a campfire can go from calming to catastrophic in an instant. Try these ideas to keep them occupied while you enjoy your next evening together.

    Mosquito bite!

    This game requires a little planning ahead of time, but it’s a lot of fun with three to seven-year-olds. Pack some colored dot stickers like the ones you get for garage sales. The perfect circles will be red, but any color will do. Each player gets a sheet of stickers and they spend the evening trying to stick the dots on the other players without them noticing. The person with the fewest number of stickers on them at the end of the night is the winner! But you’d better be sneaky — if you get caught, you have to stick the bite on yourself!


    A traditional game that never gets old, telephone is fun for five to twelve-year-olds. As the players sit in a circle or line, one person comes up with a short phrase to pass down the row of players. The first player whispers the phrase into the ear of the second, the second to the third and on down the line it goes. When it gets to the end, see how close your group is to the original phrase!

    To add some competitiveness, larger groups can be broken up into two or three, and phrases can be written down by someone sitting out on a piece of paper. Each group will then be passing the same phrase around their circle. The group closest to the original phrase at the end of the round wins.

    The frog.

    Especially in larger groups, this game can be a ton of fun. It’s another really great game for elementary school-age kids. One person is selected from the group as a “guesser” and stands in the center of the circle of players. One of the remaining players is selected as the “frog.” This can be done by drawing names or just choosing someone quietly. The frog eliminates the other players in the circle by sticking his or her tongue out while they’re looking at him or her. Once you’re out, you sit down in the circle. The game goes on until the guesser correctly identifies the frog or the frog has eliminated all of the other players. At the end of the game, the frog becomes the next guesser and players choose a new frog.

    Tape ball.

    A great game for a group, tape ball takes a little planning, but a lot of fun. Go somewhere to find some cheap prizes and candy and pick up a roll of tape. Any tape will do, but clear packing tape works really well. Make a ball out of the tape and wrap the candy and prizes in the layers. Game play requires one die. Players stand or sit in a circle. Player one starts by trying to unwrap the tape ball while player two rolls the die. When the player rolls a six (or whatever number you choose), it’s their turn to unwrap while the next player rolls. The game goes on around the circle until all of the prizes are claimed by the unwrappers and the ball is gone.

    Keeping younguns busy is a trick of the trade when you’re traveling with munchkins. When you’re wanting to enjoy a peaceful night (or if you’re wanting to play along with them!) these are great ways to start your family time together. Unwrap one of these games and watch the madness unfold as you add a little spunk to your next adventure.

    Source GLRV Adventure

  • 08 Feb 2017 1:40 PM | KOA Owners Association (Administrator)

    RESTON, Va. — Wholesale RV shipments to dealers ended 2016 in a strong fashion with 32,970 units shipped, according to the RV Industry Association’s December survey of manufacturers.

    This represents a 17.6 percent increase over the December 2015 tally of 28,025 units and checks in as the best December on record, said Bill Baker, senior director of communications.

    For the year as a whole, all RV shipments climbed to 430,691 units, a gain of 15.1 percent over 2015, and the best yearly total in more than 40 years. This year also marked the seventh consecutive annual increase in RV shipments since the end of the last recession, he explained.

    Here is the complete year-end shipment report for 2016:

    Type Dec. 2015 Dec. 2016 % Change Total 2015 Total 2016 % Change
    Travel Trailers 17,737 21,443 +20.9% 239,255 282,250 +18.0%
    Fifth Wheels 5,634 6,484 +15.1% 75,148 80,435 +7.0%
    Folding Campers 633 627 -0.9% 9,206  10,208 +10.9%
    Truck Campers 260 241 -7.3% 3,327 3,057 -8.1%
    TOTAL TOWABLES 24,264 28,795 +18.7% 326,936 375,950 +15.0%
    Type A Motorhomes 1,770 1,647 -6.9% 21,948 22,673 +3.3%
    Type B Motorhomes 248 343 +54.4% 3,294 4,087 +24.1%
    Type C Motorhomes 1,743 2,145 +23.1% 22,068 27,981 +26.8%
    TOTAL MOTORHOMES 3,761 4,175  +11.0% 47,310 54,741 +15.7%
    TOTAL RV SHIPMENTS 28,025 32,970 +17.6% 374,246 430,691 +15.1%


    SOURCE: RV Industry Association press release

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    Adventure Golf Services
    P.O. Box 6319
    Traverse City, MI 49696-6319
    Ph: 231-922-8166
    Fax: 231-922-0153
    Toll Free: 888-725-4FUN


    Lee Fivenson, Marketing

    U-Build-It Mini Golf Kit Answers Market Need

    Traverse City, MI…” Campground owners, smaller hotel owners and other entertainment venues are now able to build their own small and low cost concrete mini golf courses with the U-Build-It Mini Golf Kit from Adventure Golf Services (“AGS”), announces Scott Lundmark, president.

    “The need for this concept was identified by our sales staff as they received inquiries from venues, with limited budgets and / or space. These clients have asked for a small 18-hole concrete miniature golf, which they can build. The U-Build-It Mini Golf Kit helps an owner achieve this for as low as $50,000, depending upon geographic location, states Lundmark.

    The U-Build-It Mini Golf Kit sells for $5,000 and provides each owner with everything needed to build a 2,100-square foot 18-hole course, according to AGS CEO & Chief Designer Arne Lundmark. “One of the difficult aspects for an owner to build a course is the ability to layout the course while maintaining the same golf hole shapes, contours and topography as specified in the plan or design. We have addressed this issue. The kit specifies for computer precision cut mini golf putting turf to match the shape of the golf holes which, along with other key items, can be purchased directly from AGS. This streamlines and speeds up the construction process, for an additional fee, a custom layout on the owner’s site can be provided if the owner provides site topography,” comments Arne Lundmark.

    “The Kit includes a pre-loaded budget spread sheet, whereby the owner can fill-in the blanks based on local costs, which auto-populates the spreadsheet with the final numbers,” comments Erin Wilson, AGS Controller and creator of this program. “We have included all things needed to build the course such as sub-base material, putting turf, edge system, hole cups, labor hours, concrete, equipment rental and optional features such as props and obstacles to add more fun to your new course. We can even provide an on-site Supervisor to assist for an additional fee,” adds Wilson.

    Adventure Golf has a proven history of providing custom miniature golf course plans and designs for large and small courses that have been built by owners across the world. We have used this experience to package a complete kit for design / build solution for a mini golf course requiring a small footprint and lower budget, while maintaining many of the same topographical features, props and obstacles as the large “adventure-style” courses, concludes Scott Lundmark.

    Adventure Golf Services is the world’s largest provider of mini golf products and services. AGS services include: modular / portable mini golf, shuffle board, bocce ball, croquet courts, golf hitting bays.

    For more information visit: or call 888-725-4FUN or 231-922-8166.

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