2017 Area Resolutions/Decisions 2018 Board Meeting

2017 Area Resolutions

Decisions by Board of Directors 2018 Winter Meeting

Area 1

Eliminate royalties on the revenues generated by the discount codes for the following events:  Come Camp and Care With Us Weekend, Fathers Day Kids Camp Free, and the Value Kard Appreciation Weekend.  Ashley Nettleton expressed a concern that not all KOAs participate in these promotional weekends because of loss of revenue.  If royalties are not collected, then more KOAs would participate.  A vote was taken for this resolution and passed.

Board:  Homer moved we accept the resolution and Jim seconded.  Motion carried with two opposed and one abstention.

Area 2

1.    Whereas the Ohio Campground Owners Association has a concern regarding the structure of the Value Kard Appreciation (VKR) Weekend, we propose the following:

·         Value Kard Reward certificates should not be allowed to be redeemed on the VKR Appreciation Weekend.

·         This is VKR Appreciation Weekend and we believe that if someone buys a Value Kard after they make a reservation or during the reservation, then the free night should not be able to be used for that VKR Weekend.  Since we are using this weekend to say “thank you” to our valued KOA campers that have camped with us in the past, just buying a VKR for that weekend does not meet the spirit of the weekend.

2.    Proposal for the following:  Would like to see a modification made to the national cancellation policy whereas the national and campground specific cancellation policies appear one night after each other on the document versus campground policy at the bottom.  We feel this change would help minimize confusion and increase our business.

Board:  (Resolution 1) Tim motioned that the resolution be rejected.  Craig seconded and the motion to reject was approved.

(Resolution 2) Craig motioned and Libby seconded that the resolutions be accepted.  Motion was approved.

Area 3

 It was requested that KOA develop a 3rd tier award to honor those campgrounds that are performing at the top of the system.  Utilizing the same criteria and weighting system they use for the Presidents and Founders awards but making it sort of the gold medal of the system.  Thinking it would be the top 5 -10% of the system.

This idea came from the discussion that more than half of the campgrounds are achieving the Founder’s award and it is time to set a new stretch target for those that have been achieving the Founder’s award to push themselves to a higher level.  Chris Rademacher was “elected” to make the resolution at the OA meeting.

Board:  Libby moved that the resolution be accepted.  Cheryl seconded.  The motion failed and was not accepted.  Homer moved to reject the motion, Jim seconded.  The motion to reject was approved.

Area 4

We, the Texas Owners Association, ask that the National KOA Owners Association request the KOA, Inc. allow franchisees to specify up to 14 days to be excluded/blackout from KOA Quality Assurance Review.

Board:  Jim Brown moved Homer seconded that we reject the proposal.  The motion to reject was approved.

Area 5

1.    Increase the amount for the billboard program to 1,500 with latitude for special conditions such as installation costs dispersed over monthly billing.  Motion made by Kevin Oster, Miles City, MT; seconded by Kim Carranza

2.   Motion by Kim Carranza, Twin Falls KOA, seconded by Dave Nelson, Cheyenne KOA regarding the pin pads.  Seek a way to refund the monthly charge and dip charge until they are operational.  Refund the monthly charges so far incurred and seek a way to not have to pay for terminals that are not in use.

Board:  (Resolution 1) Iris moved we accept the resolution.  Craig seconded.  The motion was approved.

(Resolution 2) Homer moved and Tim seconded that we accept the resolution.  The motion was approved.

Area 6

Resolution to Increase KampSight Support Coverage.  Greetings KOA Owners Association:  To support KOA’s effort to provide the best guest experience possible, the members of Area 6 of the KOA Owners Association unanimously request that the Association request of KOA Corporate Home Office to include KampSight support coverage on Sundays and Holidays and increase the depth of existing coverage to achieve 80% rate of calls being returned within 15 minutes.

The primary reasons for this request is that:

All members are open on Sundays and holidays; and,

All members have employees and/or work-kampers; and,

All members have turnover in employees and/or work-kampers; and,

Every year there are new KOA owners.


All members have ongoing KampSight training and support needs; and,

Questions and issues needing KampSight Support to resolve are not limited to Mondays through Saturdays and non-holidays.

There is no disagreement that “It is all about the guest experience.”  This includes registration, Value Kard Rewards and many other aspects of helping our guests.  Therefore, we are resolved in asking our KOA Home Office to better help us help our guests.  Thank you.  Cheers!  Members of Area 6 of the KOA Owners Association.

Board:  Craig moved and Jim seconded that we accept the resolution.  The motion was approved.