2018 OA Endorsement of Leavitt Recreation & Hospitality Insurance

KOA Owners Association is proud to announce we have endorsed a new insurance agency. The endorsed insurance agency is Leavitt Recreation & Hospitality Insurance!  Many of you are already familiar with Leavitt as they are the largest single insuring agency of KOAs.  As part of their endorsement, the OA is earning compensation for all business you place with Leavitt, We are also proud to announce a new member benefit with Leavitt.  With Leavitt the Owners Association will offer a Worker’s Compensation Insurance Program.  They have an exclusive agreement with an A rated carrier who has agreed to separate KOA from other campgrounds and allow us to earn rewards based on our own loss ratio, rather than being lumped in with all the other campgrounds nationwide.  We encourage you to visit with Leavitt today to see what insurance solutions they have for you!  Leavitt will be working with a benefits carrier to try to bring employee benefits to the table and leverage the power of the OA.   Join the Owners Association today and contact Leavitt Recreation at800-525-2060! Also Leavitt will provide $100 toward lunch as well as representation for your next state/provincial owners association meeting and the OA will provide $150.  (This is a once a year deal).

Email:  lrh@leavitt.com
Website:  https://www.leavitt.com/lrh/
Phone:  800-525-2060