2020 KOA Response to KOA Owner’s Association Resolutions presented at 2019 KOA Annual Convention

June 8, 2020
Kampgrounds of America, Inc.
550 N 31st Street, TW3 Fourth Floor
Billings, MT 59101

Dear KOA Owners Association,
This letter highlights Kampgrounds of America, Inc. responses to the Owners Association resolutions presented at the 2019 KOA Annual Convention. KOA took action on all resolutions with three either complete or nearing completion and one requiring further research. In all instances, an appropriate level of supporting information was provided in an effort to create transparency around our responses.

We thank the Owners Association for presenting these resolutions and we look forward to continuing our positive working relationship.
Darin Uselman
Vice President, Franchise Services

Click here for a PDF copy of this resolution.
Area 1:

Area 1 proposes a resolution for those campgrounds that work towards obtaining a commercial grade Wi-Fi bandwidth for their guests, be awarded an adjustment on their royalties to help compensate the cost of this upgraded service. Should this resolution be adopted, then it is requested to have a designated icon/label on all marketing platforms.

KOA Response:

KOA is researching this resolution. Validating commercial grade Wi-Fi bandwidth across the KOA system is proving challenging. KOA continues to work on better defining commercial grade in order for proper consideration of a royalty adjustment.

Area 3:

Area 3 hereby resolves that the KOA campground guidelines with the campground specific guidelines showing first and the national policy showing second should be available to the guest on all platforms. I.e. website, reservation confirmation, KOA app, etc.

KOA Response:

KOA took action on this resolution. Upon review, there is a location within the KOA App where the national campground guidelines are above the local. We are approaching another app release, likely in June, which will remedy this resolution and allow the local guidelines to show above the national guidelines within the KOA App.

Area 7: Resolution 1

Whereas KOA franchise owners are converting over to K2 without full documentation and written support (Manuals) to instruct on how to navigate K2 when in the operational set up.
Although some videos and minimal documentation is offered there is no detailed manual and/or trouble shooting guide to ensure that all stakeholders can fully understand the process for setting up K2.
Therefor to be resolved KOA Corp must release a written user guide detailing and instructing on the use of K2’s back-end for new and existing users.

KOA Response:

KOA has taken action on this resolution and delivered two guides within the K2 platform to address this resolution. First, a sixty-one (61) page Setup Reference Guide was created to address questions surrounding the migration and setup of K2. Second, a twenty-nine (29) page Front Desk Guide was created to help users complete operational tasks within the platform. These two guides complement existing video instructions and help train operators who learn better from written materials.

Area 7: Resolution 2

Whereas Canadian KOA franchise owners cannot add subsequent charges to any credit card in the K2 system that involves and is marked as Blackline. This results in liability to all the Canadian franchise owners due to inability to collect on Charge to Site, Damages to Accommodations, etc. Therefore, to be resolved KOA Corp needs to deal with Chase and Blackline to insure this is resolved.

KOA Response:

KOA took action on this resolution and worked with Chase to provide a terminal that can tokenize a credit card transaction. Chase identified the Ingenico Desk 5000 and completed its token certification process. An email was sent to Canadian owners on June 5, 2020 informing them of the requirements to order and receive that terminal. KOA has also escalated the certification of the Ingenico Move 5000 terminal to allow tokenization from a mobile terminal that will help facilitate express/remote check-ins.