3 Ways to Drive Positive TripAdvisor Rankings With Text & Why It’s Important

Since the onset of Covid-19, businesses across the hospitality industry have been surviving by leaning into resilience, empathy and adaptation. The collective Kampgrounds of America are a perfect example, staying open throughout the pandemic while delivering first-rate, socially-distanced travel experiences. 

A quick search across TripAdvisor illustrates the incredible job you did, with a host of 5-star reviews from the peak of 2020’s travel season commending responsiveness, friendliness, and commitment to guest service from start to finish.

Indeed, the power that these reviews hold cannot be ignored, with research from late 2020 finding that 71% of Americans say online reviews matter now more than ever, and 76% of travellers stating they’re willing to book a destination with better reviews, even if it costs more than its equivalent hotel with a lower rating. 
With 270 TripAdvisor reviews submitted per minute, it’s clear that rankings, and their impact, can change in the blink of an eye. Which is why Medallia Zingle has put together three tips to help KOAs capitalize on your dedication to higher service standards, and ensure your review-worthy camping experiences get the recognition they deserve on TripAdvisor and elsewhere online.


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