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Please note the criteria for the KOA WorkKamper of the Year Award.  

This award is presented every year at the KOA Annual Convention. Nominations are due this year NO LATER THAN 10 AM on Friday, October 30, 2020.

  1. The Work Kamper nominee must have an active membership in the KOA Work Kamper Program.  Their resume may be inactive only if currently working at a KOA campground.  Also must allow for Work Kampers that are not full-timers, but work only in the summer months.
  2. Demonstrate loyalty to the KOA Organization by choice of campgrounds at which to work.
  3. Demonstrate outstanding customer skills per the “Making It Great” Program.  The Work Kamper nominee is an employee who goes above and beyond on the campground, is a team player, and gets along well with peers.  The Work Kamper demonstrates positive energy and attitude proving to be an asset to the campground atmosphere.
  4. Implements the KOA Work Kamper Code of Conduct as developed at the Work Kamper University.

CLICK HERE for Work Kamper Award Questions that should be considered by the person(s) nominating.


The award winner will receive $500 from the OA to cover some of the cost to attend the convention as well as KOA shirts, a $100 gift card for travel expenses (this can either go to them or to the campground if they are paying their way) and two registrations into the Convention (courtesy of KOA).

Nominations should be sent to the KOA Owners Association Office via email: [email protected] or [email protected].  Please call the KOA OA Office if you’re having any difficulties emailing in your submission at (608) 525-2323.