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Keep in mind the KOA Owners Association “We Are Family Award” that is presented at the KOA Annual Convention every year.

The nominees should be a match for one or all of the following criteria, and it is not limited to the KOA Owners Association membership.

The KOA Owners Association family member(s) who help other family members beyond the call of duty as well as/or to those who consistently show special qualities that contribute to the whole KOA system.

The KOA Owners Association created and first presented this award at the convention in November 2000.  At which time there were three recipients:

1) Judy Whiting

2) Pat Hittmeier

3) Carol & Walt Preble

The following years were limited to one outstanding KOA family member/contributor

2001 – Jim & Jane Rose

2002 – Mike & Rowena Bell

2003 – Marv & Carol Linde

2004 – Loren Smith

2005 – no nominations

2006 – Jim & Audrey Eberhart

2007 – Jim Finch

2008 – Jerry & Barbara Dale

2009 – Mike & Kristi Kuper 

2010 – Garry & Vicki Cole 

2011- Bill and Georgette Jones

2012 – Shirley and Howard Stein

2013 – Amy and Tony Raposo

2014 – The Cutler Family

2015 – Kyle and Tammy Boltz

2016 – Gary Willis

2017 – Jerry Dale

2018 – Kaaren Fox and Kate Kemker

If you wish to nominate someone for consideration for the We Are Family Award, please send a specific reason/description as to why the person(s) should receive the award via email [email protected] or [email protected] to the KOA Owners Association office.  

Nominations are due by October 30, 2020 to be considered and awarded at the KOA Annual Convention.