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Disaster Relief received over $6,000 in 2018. The Disaster Relief Program was started to have a fund available to help KOA owners if they ever had the unfortunate experience of a disaster occurring at their campground. While we know that such a fund is necessary, it is one that we hope never to have to use.

In order to assist our members at a greater level we have created a separate entity from the KOA Owners Association. It is our hope that the new Disaster Relief Corporation will be able to expand the areas of assistance and increase the funds available for campgrounds facing a disaster. Contributions to the DR program are a deductible business expense and you can contribute by either mailing in to the OA office or including a donation on your KOA weekly Remittance report.

In order to extend the amount of help the DR program can provide to owners in need of assistance, the Board has adopted a loan program to members of the OA and to non-members at a lesser value. The Board will recognize the grant program, but on a limited basis. 
After reviewing the guidelines below, please complete the DISASTER RELIEF REQUEST form here and return to: [email protected] or via mail to: PO Box 228, Ettrick, WI  54627.  Call 608-525-2323 with any questions!



Conditions and Requirements to apply for a loan:
  1. Any disaster, which occurs on an ongoing basis, such as flooding, will be eligible only once every five years.
  2. The Disaster Relief Committee Chairman, together with two committee members, will review and determine the amount of cash request.
    **As of 2018, funding is also available to KOA Owners and families suffering from health or medical conditions as a result of the disaster.
  3. If no government assistance is available to campgrounds suffering a major loss, they shall be eligible for low interest loans, based on need and availability of funding.
  4. Loan requests must be approved by the Board of Directors as well as by the Disaster Relief Committee.
Procedure for Receiving Aid:
  1. Call the Association office and request more information (608-525-2323 or email [email protected]).
  2. Return request via mail, fax or email, within four months of the occurrence.
  3. Committee will by phone call or email determine amount of funding and write check for such amount.
  4. Check will be mailed from office to committee chair for his/her signature, and then be forwarded to the applying campground. A copy of sent check should then be sent to Association office for the files.
  5. It is the intent of this committee to have the check in the hands of the applicant in not less than ten working days.
  1. Only members are eligible for the above losses.
  2. There shall be a grace period of one-year for all new owners that are not members of the Association.
  3. At the discretion of the Disaster Relief Committee and with the approval of the Board of Directors, non-members may be considered for funds not to exceed 1,500 dollars.