2023 Owners Association Board

KOA OA Area Directors

Do you know a fellow KOA Owner’s Association Member who would make a great Director? 

Area #1

Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia.

My husband and I, along with my folks, purchased our KOA 15 years ago. We had always camped and had reached a point in our lives where we needed a change in career and life. KOA was the logical route to take. With backgrounds in the tech field and service industries, we packed up all we knew and moved to North Carolina to start a new life. It has been one heck of a roller coaster ride, but 15 years has sure seemed to fly by.  All of our kids are grown, and we still manage to keep quite busy with the campground.

This experience has been extremely monumental to our family. We purchased for a career change and ended up making this a family event with one of our sons, Mike, helping take the lead. Our grandchildren live on the campground too, and I could not imagine owning and operating another business that allows us to have our children and grandchildren near.

Area #2

Ohio, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island.

Garry and I bought the family campground in 1991 from his parents. Both of continued our jobs as teacher and engineer. In 2002 we bought a KOA Franchise. We are adding 48 full hookup pull thru sites for 2023. More infrasture in 2024, but plans have not been finalized. We continue to expand the campground and explore what is coming in the future.

Hello I am Cindy Naumann and I am a former CIA Officer (yes, THAT CIA.) I was tired of the rat race, commute, time away from family, sick of wearing suits, etc. I just wanted to go camping. We ended up finding a ’99 camper in need of some love and we gutted it, remodeled it and after the first trip out – that was it. Shortly after, my husband and I decided to leave our jobs and buy a campground. Our first campground was located in Perryville, MO and was a KOA Journey in its previous life. Being that I am from PA, I was missing home. We got a phone call one day that someone wanted to buy our campground and the rest is history. We love this industry and decided to stay by purchasing another campground here in Raystown Lake, only 50 minutes from where I grew up. This campground was and is a KOA, and that’s how we found ourselves to be proud KOA owners. My husband is Mike and our two boys are Wyatt and Ty. We are enjoying our time with them and my many aunts and uncles; 52 cousins, don’t know how many second and third cousins, and this time with all of them has been invaluable.

Area #3

Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa.

Area #4

Louisiana, Mississippi, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas.

Dewayne and I attended a KOA Buyer’s Workshop in 2018 while we were considering changing careers. In May of 2020, we decided that we were going to buy a campground. KOA was so helpful with information from that workshop that we decided that we would convert our park to a KOA. We liked the fact that we would be able to share ideas and learn from other KOA owners. We enjoy owning a campground because we are lifelong campers and loved camping with our seven children. We moved from West Palm Beach, Florida to own a campground in rural MIssissippi. Dewayne was a Publix Supermarkets store manager and I was a high school history teacher. We love the slower pace of living in the South and also working outdoors on 60 acres of natural beauty.

Area #5

Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming

Please reach out to Tim Cartmell, OA Board President, or the KOA OA Office, if you have an interest in Serving a two year Board Term! We would love to work with you!

Area #6

Hawaii, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico

I helped build the San Diego KOA with my father, Ted Bell in 1968. BA in business management from Northern Arizona University 1975. Joined the business after graduation and have helped manage the park since. I have 3 children, Josh, Clint, and Molly. All are now the executive management of our 7 campground holdings.
I served on the OA Board in 1984-85. I re-joined the Board in 2018. We have enjoyed a long and productive relationship with KOA inc.

KOA owner since 2016. Member of Owners Association board since 2017. KOA as a franchise is hands down a winner! There is so much that they provide that allows me to focus on my gests and campgrounds. They are well worth it.

Area #7

Central and Eastern Canada (Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland)

Area #8

Western Canada (Manitoba, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta)